This is a forum for squarepig, a simple game engine for HTML5.
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  • Hello! This is a forum for users of squarepig, a simple game engine for HTML5.

    You can get squarepig from here:

    From the readme:
    Squarepig is intended to be simple; as comfortable for novice developers making their first Web games as for experienced coders building demos and prototypes. Squarepig takes some inspiration from the excellent Flashpunk ( library for ActionScript.

    Right now, Squarepig consists of one file: squarepig-0.1.js (or it's minifed sibling, squarepig-0.1.min.js). That's all you need! You can see a very basic demo working here:

    Squarepig is distributed under the zlib license (, so you can use it however you feel like.

    That'll do, pig.
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